A haiku from the article: Fiction Writers Help Scientists Push Known Boundaries

Legend has it that butterflies are the souls of the dead returning.
So many people talk about ‘fiction’ or ‘the writer’ as though you could generalize about them.
written by Aldous Huxley (via theparisreview)



I love it when younger girls look up to older girls as role models and heroes. I love it when older girls enthusiastically support and protect younger girls. I love it when girls are psyched about the skills and accomplishments of other girls, I love it when girls compliment each other, take care of each other, encourage each other. I love it when girls realize how awesome and important they are. I love it when girls are fuckin’ pumped about girls.


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Robert Hodge, Forever Ever, 2014.Acrylic, found cardboard, and spray paint61 x 81 inchesCourtesy the artist

(via Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado - National Geographic Travel Daily Photo)
And I never believed that the multitude
of dreams and many words were vain.
written by Li-Young Lee, from “The City in Which I Love You” (via the-final-sentence)

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